Fed Up with Plandemic: How About Never?

So, are we going back to school or not?

Originally September 10 became September 21 and now it’s….October first. These teachers are never. going. back. to work. It may be our tax dollars still paying these remote baby-sitters, but they’re the ones being played…really. That’s kind of why I don’t care anymore.

I dropped out of high school because teachers didn’t give a shit about teaching back then – and they sure as hell don’t give a shit now – that’s public education 101. Remember when they spouted out all that bull about striving to go to college?  Now you simply pass a test because a less-than-Swine-flu kept you home.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I have to get surgery, I’m going to ask the anesthegiolist and the surgeon if they graduated med school in 2020.

My advice: invest in a small distillery.




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