Fed Up with Plandemic: ‘member?

Remember September 11?

Oh yeah, I remember.

Hey, remember metal detectors?

Yeah. Yeah! I remember those – at airports. An’ government buildings.

And high schools!

Yeah – now, we got temperature check thermometers.

And tracking lists. To ride an elevator to an empty office or have lunch inside a restaurant.

Remember restaurants? And movie theaters? They had air conditioning. Now we have to do it outside – while it’s hot. And watch out for Antifa terrorists.

They ain’t terrorists – terrorists are terrorists.

Like Russians.

Ooh diplomats. Disney and, and, and, the Taliban – hey, remember ISIS?

No – wait. The. Walking. Dead….

Yeah, I remember. They’re not as scary as crack dealers, remember them? Or mobsters – they’re the worst.

Yeah, the ones by the airport, especially. They was big, loud, and greasy.

But they wore suits, and showered. Not like now, with the hairy arm-pits and stinkin’ like shit on fire and I can’t tell if they be chicks or dicks!

Remember when you could tell the difference?

Yeah, remember when people cared?

Remember when war was war but you knew what you were fighting for?

….yeah, I remember that.


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