Welcome to the first post of “Namzola Goodness.” Trust me, I know what I think I’m doing.

This is my third blog spot and I’m truly excited that you’re visiting because I have nothing to give away – except phobias. For New Yorkers, each phobia is a merit badge of a traumatic experience that was narrowly escaped. Personally, my phobias are New Jersey, cops and Catholic school students. For this post, I’m giving away three general phobias: the exhibitionist homeless person with violent tendencies; Central Park squirrels and Hot Pretzels from hot dog stands.

All you need to do is climb a high mountain top and scream “Maaaaaize!” Just make sure someone takes footage of it. And don’t die in the process – either of you. The first person to YouTube this buffoonery will receive all three phobias…somehow. And I’ll replace the poor footage of this jingle that started it all, with yours – as long as you include the jingle.

Credit goes to Swan, whose band Almighty Love Noise, dubbed me as “Namzola, corn goodness” during my tenure as rhythm guitarist. Other than pushing me to my musical limits, recruiting my most prized guitar and oh yeah, introducing me to my husband, all I came away with was another nickname that stuck.

Hopefully, you like corn.


21 thoughts on “Intrude!

  1. Am I still following you or am I going to be DOUBLE following you when I click subscribe? I guess I’ll just have to take my chances. Love your theme. It’s very Queensie. I mean I don’t know for sure ‘cuz I’ve never been, but…Stay tuned for my youTube video although climbing trees makes me nervous and you’ll probably get to see me fall and break a bone, lose consciousness, wake up, barf and have a concussion. All for blog fodder so you’re welcome. Welcome to WordPress. It’s good to have you hear. I’ll see you later for cocktails, but please remember I’m 3 hours behind you, so…


  2. Awesome website, Namzola! And that you included me in your blog roll makes it even better! I spent two hours today, fiddling around with my blog. God, I really suck at website design. Nothing I came up with seemed to work. Maybe I’m just never satisfied with the finished product.

    O well, back to the drawing board for me. O yeah, I’m just a frightened of Jersey folk as you.

    Well done dear, well done.


    • Thanks for visiting! I’m happy with the change – it was necessary and the right time. I stink at webdesign, too but this course I’m taking was more about configuring it to be more productive. In the end, it would be nice to get more out of blogging, don’t you think?


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