Weird Science Project


There’s another inevitable factor to add to death and taxes and that is – science projects. This is the first year Zuki was actually required to do one for a score. And Samu’s school had their first Science Fair after a 15 year hiatus! How does a school get away with not having a Science Fair for over ten years, right? It’s probably the same way they get away with NOT having a gym teacher – seriously…what’s up with that.


Now that both Science Fairs are over, I’ve accumulated a couple of tri-fold boards, a nasty tub of water growing an ugly avocado pit root and three jars of Borax and water gelatin. The Borax solution was to grow crystals but somehow, I learned more about Borax than I cared to know – like what it’s for.


If anything, I also discovered that my boys love doing science projects. I always hated them because those homemade volcanoes gross me out. Sure enough, we walked into Samu’s Science Fair and my husband said, “It smells like a salad in here.” Apparently, no one paid attention to the science teacher when she stated that models of exploding volcanoes are not science projects. She should’ve been more specific, like the guitar stores that hang a sign over the guitars warning, “Do NOT play Stairway to Heaven.”


Though the other day, I was at Guitar Center (trying out a Gibson SG that I can’t have) and there was no such warning posted. Maybe it’s too old. Of course that also means that I’m too old. Way too old to be tooling around Guitar Center with midgets and an empty wallet.


If only I got paid for all the volunteer work I do. But then it wouldn’t be volunteer work, would it? So the other week I played Powerball without the slightest delusion I’d ever win. I considered it practice for Zuki. You know, practice filling in the bubbles like the multiple choice in the State test coming up next month. He actually got one of the numbers, which is one more than Samu’s numbers. And I always thought Samu was the lucky charm.


There’s no science when it comes to chance but hey – you never know.

Million $ Multiple Choice

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12 thoughts on “Weird Science Project”

  1. Oh..WE LOVE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS. haha! We do them for fun. 🙂 BUT, I am surprised that your school didn’t have them for over 10 years! And, you play the guitar? How cool!!!! I just bought a small kid’s guitar and it is in the gift closet because I am hoping one of the kids will have a desire to learn to play. 🙂 It’s such a cool instrument!
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    1. Unlike most Japanese moms, my mother wanted me to play Flamenco guitar. I wound up playing Rock (noise) but she still came to see most of my gigs. The best gift a mom can give a child – music.

  2. Noah has never had to do a science project, although that’s what Hot Joe’s here for. But he has had PLENTY of stupid shoe box thingies. I forget what they’re called – NO!! I REMEMBER! Diaramas. We always called them diarrheas because we’re mature.
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