Pack 390 At St. John’s


Unlike baseball, I think basketball is pretty easy to explain – dribble the ball, put it in the basket. That’s how I explained the game to the boys, anyway. Our Cub Scout pack went to a St. John’s basketball game on Saturday and since my husband couldn’t take them, I had to bullshit the boys through the rules. Luckily, there wasn’t much explaining to do because there was a lot of action that kept the crowd engaged and cheering. And that’s all boys really want part of: the cheering and jeering.


Like “De-Fence.”


Samu didn’t get that the chant separates the syllables. He was shouting, “Defense! Defense!” Screaming the last one like he was dying. Thanks to the soda (and the box of Angry Birds gummies), Samu was his usual nut case self. He was bouncing off the bleachers like Woody Woodpecker. And when he discovered the fans shouted, “You Suck!” when players missed the free throws, he loved that.


You know what else the boys loved?


The dancers.


They’re no American Beauty, but apparently we were sitting on the side the dancers don’t face. Meaning, we got to see their butts for the majority of the numbers. Needless to say, the boys watched that without being asked. The cheerleaders and their human pyramids? Meh. Just bring on the dancers, please.


All in all, it was a good game. St. John’s won, closing and surpassing a twelve-point deficit. Not that the boys cared. They participated because there were plenty of “You Suck!” and “Defense! Defense!” in between. I’m sure the fans in the row before us were thrilled to see Samu use a rolled up game schedule as a megaphone, telescope and feeding tube. I got a kick out of watching him anyway – it’s about the most fun I had…without beer.


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  1. Baseball, difficult to explain? Hey, not so. Remember, this is a former ballplayer here–as in, baseball player. High school and college and vintage league, but, hey, at least I threw a no-hitter once. Once. So, if necessary, send any baseball questions my way.

    And, hey, beautiful site! I want mine to look as good as this, and to be so user and blog entry friendly, but I don’t think I want to put in the time to make it look this way! (I justify not going to the gym for much the same reason.)

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