Real Moms Don’t Have Time


Boys are so sweet – especially when they point their thumb your way and tell their friends, “Don’t listen to her, she’s crazy.”

When people pat your arm sympathetically to the fact that you’re a mom of two boys, you know there’s a special seat for you at a bar, somewhere. The Goodness is a blog by a mom who attempts to write during those quiet moments when her boys are asleep – or possibly setting the house on fire.

It’s not easy finding the goodness in life, especially when little boys insist on comparing you to a hobo.

Then again, if everything were good, there’d be nobody to talk about behind their back.

Thank goodness for screwed ups.




5 thoughts on “Real Moms Don’t Have Time”

  1. Yes! What could possibly go wrong? Well, in at least one instance, posting about a precariously drawn image by one possibly related toddler on the day a major sponsor reviews your blog for an affiliate program might result in a rejection notice…..That could go wrong….Not that I’ve done that…Much. haha! I like your T-Shirt idea. I’ll go in a couple with you! 🙂

    1. Also, if you use a string of racial slurs coupled with the word “Nazi” to make a point – you could get a warning from Google to “revise” your content. Sponsors can be so – sensitive!

  2. Hehe! Absolutely nothing and absolutely everything! I write completely for documentation’s sake and gee it gets me in trouble sometimes. Meh, who cares?

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