Losing My Baby

We used to call Zuki “The Prince,” because he’d never do anything on his own. Eating, pissing, thinking – it was all too much work for him to do for himself, especially when his grandmothers were willing to help him out with all of it. I thought the best way to teach him how to cope and own up, was to give him a younger sibling to fight with – or – fight for. Thus Samu was created. Little did I know that we created an even bigger tyrant.


“The Dictator,” my mother calls him. And to some degree, she hit it right on the nose. He’s bossy, arrogant, cocky and smart enough to know how to pull the right strings so you can’t stay angry at him for long. Honestly, I think that he actually believes everybody on Earth serves a purpose – to serve him in some way.


The other day, he asked me if the Scholastic Book Fair at school accepted Library cards because he had no cash to buy anything.


When I explained to him that a Library card is not a credit card, he just assumed I’d give him cash or buy what he asked for.


Silly rabbit. As he talked his baby talk and batted his eyelashes to get me to cave in, I told him he can’t get everything he wants by begging. Sure enough, somehow, he managed to walk out of that Book Fair with a Ninjago book that cost me seven bucks. I don’t know how he did it – considering he cleaned me out, literally, my wallet was empty.


Then last night, he ran over to show me his loose tooth. He was very excited but I – was suddenly melancholy.


Already? I thought.


For me, when the teeth go, that’s when it all changes. And so, I took this picture as the last I’ll see of this baby-toothed smile.

Loose front bottom

And as we still struggle to get him out of diapers at night (he still wakes up wet), part of me is holding on to that part that makes him my baby and so I don’t push it. But then I realize, he’ll be six-years old in less than 24 hours – I better get over it.


From babies to boys – boys into gentlemen.


Well – that’s the plan, anyway.


Like my socks?

  1. They grow up so fast. We need to take time to enjoy them while they are small. Great socks!
    Geek Girl recently posted..Motivational Monday – 12/3My Profile

  2. I miss those sweet little baby teeth. Then the new teeth came in and they are HUGE; too big for their little faces. Then they grow crooked and then come the braces at $164/month…I may have gotten ahead of myself a little there. Sorry.
    Kim @The G is Silent recently posted..I Read a BookMy Profile

  3. Oh, gee…I am going to cry buckets when the twins start to wobble their baby teeth.
    It all flies by.
    And with gorgeous long lashes like that, of course he’s capable of cleaning your wallet out! x
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – Kissing 2012 goodbye…togetherMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday Samu! I’m sure he’ll work the tooth fairy for at least 10 bucks for that tooth.
    Bridget recently posted..Don’t Ask WhyMy Profile

  5. Happy belated (’cause everything I do these days is belated) birthday to THE cutest dictator!
    Michelle recently posted..I’m not sure which he’s more proud of…My Profile

  6. Hey, another Cub Scout! Awesome stuff. Yeah they do grow up so darn fast. I miss the days when, Christopher was a baby. Nowadays, he’s all grown up and ready to turn seven in a couple of months.

    Hang on to those teeth. We saved every tooth of Christopher’s. They’re priceless!

  7. Aw! Already? Happy birthday Dictator Samu! 🙂


    P.S. pretty lashes! & oh yes, love the socks too! and the birthday boy of course!

  8. Karen Raymond left a comment on November 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Love it, so sweet! Oh, yes I do like the socks and the adorable boy in them them! Happy Birthday BIG boy 🙂

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