Boy Brain, Girl Brain


A fellow mom and I were discussing homework and the drama we faced to get it done. I don’t know about her, but every time I start a homework session with my boys, in the back of my mind I hear the tingling tremolo notes of Mission Impossible. The fuse is lit when I review the homework assignment. Then I hope I self-destruct in ten seconds.


It’s not so much the drama – because that’s always of epic proportions that even Spielberg could only dream of. What really gets me is…the lack of common sense.


There I said it. No, wait I’ve yet to say it – girls are smarter. No wonder they kept us out of school for so long, they knew we’d outsmart boys and openly RULE THE WORLD! Bwaha ha ha ha ha HAAAaaaaaah.


But we shed tears and need sanitary napkins, so…


Until then, I get to read my friends Facebook posts about their daughters winning blue ribbons in foreign languages and singing the National Anthem over the school’s loudspeaker while I deal with Zuki’s Social Studies test review: the answers he got wrong.


“What was Italy’s former currency?” Zuki’s answer: no

“What is Italy’s main religion?” Zuki’s answer: Italian

But in Zuki’s defense, Italian could be a religion depending on what kind of Italian you marry. For instance, my husband goes absolutely ape-shit if you proportionately slice a loaf of Italian bread. In his Italianism, you break it off. Never mind the fact that Zuki digs a hole through the middle, leaving a hollow crust – you get what you get and you curse the mother f*cker who hollowed out the bread!


As for Samu – apparently, when the mix of Asian reason is heavier with Italian mentality, you get a scribe:

photo-4The last two sentences are: “Look what you’ve done!” and “I’ve heard enough!”

As they say in Latin – verbatim.

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