Along Came Sandy


This is the first time in my puny life that the city was shut down over a hurricane. School’s closed, the subway’s shutdown and even the stock market has taken a day off from making 99 percent of the people miserable. Is it necessary? I could argue with it. I’ve just been out to get milk and honestly, I’ve been through rain storms more treacherous than this. (This was before the winds really kicked in at 4pm. I just witnessed my neighbor’s shed demolish into bits).

But I get it.

The shutdown is to keep the idiots off the streets. Not dumb-asses like me – I’m talking about the crazies like the eighty-pound grandma who insisted on using her umbrella against 60mph winds. What the heck was she going shopping for anyway – saltines and butter?
People like her make me appreciate my own mother, who left me a voice message saying, “I’m taking some pills and going to bed until the storm is over.” Made sense. But then she followed it with, “Remember to take a bath. And save the water…in case you have to use it for doing laundry.”

I was afraid she was going to give me permission to drink it.

Naturally, I’m drinking something else and that’s thanks to all the immigrant bodega owners of Sunnyside. They don’t give a shit what the Mayor says. Bad weather, black outs, zombie apocalypse – nothing’s going to stop them from selling beer, milk and Lotto tickets to their loyal customers.

All I can say is, there’s gonna be an East Coast population boom in July.

At least Hurricane Sandy didn’t hamper any plans for us this year. By the seat of my pants, I got through a big outdoor event for the PTA and “Swanoween” – an over-the-top Halloween party thrown by my friend, Swan.

Zuki and Samu look forward to it every Halloween, even though it makes them break out into a cold sweat. A basement set up with life size figures of Jason killing Freddy Krueger while Mike Myers watches, will do that to you.

Every year, Samu summons up the courage to see it but he winds up munching all the Cheez Doodles instead. As if they’d give him cheesy balls.


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Author: Namzola_Goodness

A Japanese-American who grew up in the streets of New York during the racially volatile 70's, Nami blogs with guts, heart and humor. Dysfunctional parenting, cynical citizenship of beer to wash it all down.

18 thoughts on “Along Came Sandy”

  1. I totally forgot you were on the east coast. See how much I care? Had I remembered (like a normal good friend who isn’t self-absorbed right now) I would have called, texted, Tweeted, FB’d, emailed and sent a pigeon. So glad you held up. Did you ever change the water?

  2. Yeah those naughty hurricanes are a bit of a pain in the ass, aren’t they?

    Personally, I’ve lived through five in my lifetime. Do a Google search of Hurricane Opal from 95. That bi$ch nearly demolished my hometown.

    Never ever should they be taken lightly. And eight pound grannies have no business whatsoever being out on the streets.

    NY probably did the right thing by clearing people from the streets.

  3. So glad you’re all safe and (mostly)sound! 😉 See, I live in a freakin’ bubble (called Arkansas), and I didn’t know ’til last night that Sandy was all up in your business.

    I wish I had your mom. Mine took her teeth out at my kid’s birthday party on Saturday.

  4. Your mum is hilarious! I wonder how many couples will have a baby in 9 months time and call it Sandy…LOL!
    Glad to hear you’re okay and your usual witty self 🙂 x

  5. Love your blogs and the pictures are awesome! Glad you guys are enjoying the storm. Kind of boring where we are right now. We love a good storm. We even still have power. Hope all is well, miss you guys!!! xoxo

      1. Experiment with the layout! Don’t worry if it will look not according to your plan, we won’t forsake you! You are too witty and hilarious and cool, we can’t help but love you! xoxoxo 😉

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