Gathered Here Today


My good friend, I heard of your loss and I’m deeply sorry. Sometimes we see it coming – many times we don’t but either way, we’re never quite prepared. It is the ultimate Suck.

How do people carry on, you ask yourself. Don’t they know who they’ve lost?

It is strange – to see life continue when for you, it has split between the time with and the time thereafter. But if anything is to be gained, it’s the awakening. That by departing, they illuminate everyone else. All those who are still here. And it makes you want to remind them that every, single day is important.

Cherish it and replace the sorrow with it for now. The void will inevitably come.

I remember, weeks after I lost my sister, you called me up and coaxed me out of my cave. Gathering the dregs that we tooled around with, we poured our memories into our beers and drank until we ran out of money. That’s what I remember of thirteen years ago – not the tears, but the laughter that fought them and the friends who were there when the dust settled.

There hasn’t been a day gone by that I don’t think of her – and I suspect the same fate awaits you with your brother.

He was the backbone to your uniqueness – the bolt in that swan on your bowler hat. He supported your gigs, even when everyone else was at home watching the season premiere of Sex In The City. He scared off your trick or treaters as the scary Cat in the Hat.

What a guy.

You and your family are in our thoughts, bro.

Here is the light, and there you go…



Recently, I read this article that instructed me to find a correlation with a random event to a problem in my life. “For example,” they said, “passing by a shattered window and relating it to your spouse’s flatulence.”

Well, that’s how I interpreted it anyway.

I can get obsessed with signs. If I hear a crow cackling a mad cry, I’ll walk the opposite direction to avoid the oncoming zombie it’s obviously warning me about.

So, when news filtered in about the Metro North train derailment, it occurred to me that this was it – a sign that described my current discontentment to a tee. Sure, trains derail all the time – but this one was big. It killed four people. Very rarely do I hear of a train derailment resulting in fatalities in New York. Other places are a different story and all I can say is, that’s what happens when you try to save a cow.

Of course, derailment as a metaphor is broad. So broad you might say I should go out and seek mad cackling crows to find a better direction. But for now, I’ll correlate every action. Get back on track like the derailed train. Get things moving again, like the rest of Metro North’s service. Lastly, lay to rest what’s gone.

What’s your shattered window?